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Our Capabilities

We work with brands to bring life to products that include plant-based milks, functional beverages, and many more. We specialize in great partnerships and commercialization for truly unique products. From formula to shelf and everything in between, we have the broad capabilities and extensive knowledge to help transform your business. We know what it takes to deliver for the win.


Our list of products is growing all the time. How can we help you with your new product?

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Carbonated water beverages
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Vat Pasteurization

Also known as low temperature or batch pasteurization, vat pasteurization is a “gentler” process. Heating in small batches to a lower temperature for a longer time and then rapidly cooling preserves more potentially beneficial substances.

HTST Pasteurization

High-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurization, also known as flash pasteurization, is performed to kill spoilage and microorganisms prior to filling containers. This process  makes products safer and extends their shelf life compared to unpasteurized foods and beverages.


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PET or HDPE Bottles

We have a variety of bottle sizes, caps, labels, and material options to suit your product needs.

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Bag-in-box bulk packaging

From one gallon to five gallons and everything in between we have BiB solutions that can meet your requirements.

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Gable Top Cartons and Options

Tetra Pak paperboard cartons, the first fully renewable package in the market. A tried and true packaging format.

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We can handle the transportation of all sized IBCs across the United States.

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Innovation Foods is proud to offer our clients state-of-the-art Tetra Pak technology.


With state-of-the-art equipment, we have the ability to adapt to individual customer specifications and requirements.

Our capabilities don’t stop at production. We pride ourselves on finding the best ways to bring your products to market. We have:

  • Warehouse and order picking services
  • Location within 2 hours of New York, D.C, and Philadelphia
  • Strong ties with local carriers (FL and LTL)