We're all about you. But here's a little about us.

About Innovation Foods

At Innovation Foods, we are building on a legacy that spans four generations. We are a family-owned-and-operated business driven by a team of experienced, hardworking, and ambitious individuals.  As engaged members of our local community, we are constantly looking for new ways to minimize our impact on the environment in every corner of our operation. Every day, our goal is to make high quality great-tasting products that help our partners commercialize and grow.  

In each relationship we form, we work directly with brands to find new and creative ways to serve their customers. In addition to our own manufacturing facilities, we have a strong network of suppliers, distributors, and industry contacts to support each phase of the supply chain.  

In a crowded market, our success speaks for itself. Innovation Foods stands out as a trusted partner for startups and established brands that seek exciting ways to continue their vision. Everybody has a story—this is ours, and each chapter gets more exciting.

Family photo. Two boys standing in front of dairy truck.
Family Photo
Group of men. Family Photo

A Tradition of partnership

Before we started building relationships, Charlie and Elizabeth built theirs. Four generations paved the way to a bright future at Innovation Foods